Preliminary Information  

Preliminary contest information New England and EAST COAST

Rules and General Information
No experience is necessary, only smiles and enthusiasm! This will be a day that your family will treasure for years to come. Participating in Hawaiian Tropic Pageants can open many doors for your child. The Little Miss and Mister Hawaiian Tropic International Pageant System is the only venue in which models are selected for Hawaiian Tropic's, "Just For Kids" and "Baby Faces" suntan products.

Each contestant will come up on stage and smile. Babies can wave and blow kisses if they want to. All we want is for everyone to have a great time. Contestants 0 to 3 years of age, must have an adult bring them on stage. There will be a winner and 4 runners-up in each age division.

Advance to Finals
If your child wins their age division title, they will receive their entry fee paid to the finals. If they are a runner-up, or win any optional award (hair, eyes, smile, photogenic, etc.) they will receive also receive their entry fee paid!!! (Please note: Finals entry fee does not include program book publication fee)

Prizes and Awards
The winners will receive a sash, trophy, and tiara. Winners also receive their entry fee paid to the State Finals. Runner-ups and optional winners will receive a trophy and their entry fees paid to the state competition. NOTE: This entry fee does not include the mandatory program book publication fee

We know children are fragile, so all contestants will leave with a trophy and Hawaiian tropic product as well as they will be able to be looked at by the modeling agency in attendance.

Age Divisions and Times
Females / Males
Baby Miss: 0 – 11 months    Baby Mister: 0-11 months
Tiny Miss: 1`-2 years    Wee Mister: 12-35 months
Wee Miss: 3-4 years    Little Mister: 3-6 years
Little Miss: 5-6 years    Young Mister: 7-12 years
Young Miss: 7-9 years
Junior Miss: 10-12 years
Teen Miss: 13-16 years

*Teen Miss may turn 17 in the year and still compete in the internationals. Young Mister may also turn 13 in the year and still compete in internationals.

Registration for all model search events is from 1-2:30 and all model searches begin at 2:30.


Contestants will be judged on a total package of head to toe natural beauty, poise and personality with an emphasis on facial beauty. Make-up and hairspray are not allowed. Remember this is a children's pageant and is judged on natural beauty. Judges are instructed to deduct 2 points in natural beauty if the child is wearing makeup or hairspray. Contestants are not judged on their modeling ability.

You may dress your child in any outfit you think is appropriate, unless it is otherwise noted, example of this is a Holiday Prelim, attire would be holiday related. Your child is not judged on their outfit unless they are to be entered in Best Attire.

Entry Fee
Entry fee for a preliminary competition is 50.00
Second Child Discount (brother sister) 40.00
All contestants will receive a full size Hawaiian tropic product and a trophy. All contestants will also be seen by a modeling agency at each preliminary event. If you pre register before the event (10 days before) the entry fee is 40.00. All personal checks must be received 10 days prior to the event. The day of the event we only accept cash or credit (visa, master card, discover and American express)

Optional Categories
At all preliminary events we have optional stage events. They are an additional 10.00 each and they are BEST EYES - BEST ATTIRE - BEST SMILE - BEST HAIR - AND MOST PHOTOGENIC (this would require you to bring a picture).
Optional categories are a lot of FUN! They give your child another chance to take home extra awards! Plus, if your child wins an optional, they also qualify for the State Finals with their entry fee paid! Prettiest eyes, hair, smile, etc... will be judged while the child is on stage by the judges.

Mini King and Mini Queen
If you enter all five optional categories you will qualify for the Mini King and Mini Queen award. This is the highest combined scores for all optional events and the beauty score. The winner receives a large crown and sash.

• Photos may be turned in at check-in on the day of the pageant or mailed in advance. They may be color or black & white no larger than 8x10. Photos may be picked up after the pageant. Please write your child’s name, CURRENT age, and “photogenic” on the back of your photo. Photogenic winners in each age division receive a nice trophy, and their entry fee paid to the State Finals.

Tell A Friend: If you have a friend enter the competition and they tell us you referred them, you will receive 10.00 off of your entry fee. If two or more friends enter and they tell us you referred them, you enter for free. This does not apply to the optional categories.

You can have local businesses, family, or friends sponsor your child’s entry to the competition. Their names are read when the child is on stage at the competition. Their sponsorship fee is tax deductible.
That’s all there is to it. We don’t have a long list of strict rules and regulations. We want the kids to be kids. We know they are still young, and most have little or no pageant experience. We encourage them to “just be themselves” and we reward them with self esteem and confidence. Our number one goal is to create a magical day for you and your family with music and fun and the experience of a lifetime.
Mail your applications early!! Age groups may be divided if too large by the deadline date!

If something happens that you are unable to attend, your unused entry fees will be credited to a future pageant. No refunds will be made for any reason.

• At all hotel events there will be an admission charge at the door for EVERYONE except the contestant and ONE chaperone. Charges will be $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for children under twelve. Please inform your friends and relatives about this in advance!!
• If the pageant is held in a shopping mall, there is no admission charge.
• If the pageant is held in a water park or amusement park, contestant and one chaperone is free all other spectators will need a water park or amusement ticket. CALL for more details